How Sticker Marketing Can Get Your Business Noticed

Starting a business can be hard. There are a billion things you want to do but limited funds, resources, or simply hours in the day.

And despite that, we work every single day to get our product and business seen. Because we believe in what we do and are excited for more people to learn about us.

It is a beautiful journey after all. And there are a few things that can help you achieve results quicker and more efficiently.

This blog post will introduce you to a tool that can do just that: sticker marketing. Stickers might be something you haven’t thought of yet.

But you definitely will, after reading this article. We will share just how easy sticker printing can be and why it can boost your business’s visibility.

Without further ado, let us get straight to it.

What is sticker marketing?

Sticker marketing is a broad term. It describes a type of marketing where businesses use stickers to promote their products or services.

This can happen in a range of settings, including on vehicles, in retail stores, or at events.

The beauty of sticker marketing is that it can be used in any industry with any budget. You can add to existing campaigns or rely entirely on sticker marketing.

Read on to find some examples we have collected for you

Bring it back to basics with vinyl stickers

Stickers are the original social media. They are colourful, sharable, and target a specific audience, depending on where you use them.

But, just like social media, marketing happens mostly online these days. And that’s great. You can derive some essential data about your traffic potential and user behaviour.

If you are looking to compliment your online efforts with an offline presence, stickers are the tool for you. It is an easy and effective way to reach your target audience when they are more receptive to your message – and where there is less competition.

We recommend using vinyl stickers for this. They are water- and weatherproof and can be placed on just about any surface. This makes sure your offline campaign lasts.

Try guerrilla marketing

You might have heard the term guerrilla warfare before. Now, we are not recommending that you fight your competitors. But this quick detour helps understand what guerrilla marketing means.

Guerrilla warfare is irregular warfare that relies on surprise attacks and hit-and-run tactics. It emphasises mobility and uses small unit tactics.

In marketing, this refers to businesses that use unconventional tactics to promote their brand. It is all about the element of surprise, catching consumers off-guard to create a memorable brand experience.

Stickers are the easiest way to do that. Stick your messages to unexpected places, such as on vehicles, benches, lamp posts, or billboards (with permission of course).

This allows you to reach a wider audience with little effort and increases your brand awareness and visibility.